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Meditation Techniques for beginners

There are many different routes to the same destination and you need to find the most suitable one for you. Some people find it easier and indeed a much more powerful experience to meditate in a class or a group setting, whilst others prefer it to be a solitary experience. Choose what suits you, your lifestyle, your commitments and your availability!

Sometimes our minds will just not settle down, especially if there has been some bad news, an amount of stress either personal or professional, or if there is a major event on the horizon. A walking meditation is a great place to start.

Find somewhere fairly quiet to walk, we are spoilt in this region of the numerous ancient pathways of the Route de Compostelle which zigzag around our countryside. Begin as you start your walk with your breathing. THen notice the movements of your feet - notice how you lift each one, moving forward then bringing it back down again. Then slowly let your awareness expand beyond the physical sensation of walking, to the environment around you, keeping 25% of your awareness on your breathing and 75% on your spacial awareness of everything around you and your senses. If your mind kicks in, just simply let go of your thoughts. Return your awareness back to your breathing and the movement of your feet on the ground, taking you back to mindfulness.

Well done! You will feel more invigorated, lighter somehow and indeed your ability to look at your problem, stress or negativity will become apparent and clear.


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